Shortland Street The Living Moment Campaign wins GOLD with WIREWAX

Congratulations to Citizen’s client TVNZ Blacksand on winning three golds at the prestigious PromaxBDA NZ 2016 Awards for its ‘Shortland Street – The Living Moment’ campaign taking out Best Campaign, Best Entertainment Promo and Best Integrated Marketing Campaign.

All from a one minute promo that, with the addition of WIREWAX interactive technology, meant viewers could lean forward and delve deeper into the minds of their favourite Shortland Street characters, unlock exclusive additional content and actively engage with the story while the show took a broadcast season break over the 2015/2016 summer holiday period.

Goals included – drive more tune-in from online video; increase audience share of Finale Episode; increase time spent with content and keep viewers engaged over the holiday break and the results speak for themselves…

Over 62.7% of Shortland Street viewers interacted with the experience

More than 3.25 interactions for every engaged view

Over 2 minutes spent on average with additional video content in overlay and

A 3.6% increase in audience share for Shortland Street from this campaign

The Living Moment has also been nominated for Gold at the PromaxBDA Global awards held in New York in late June.

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And engage with The Living Moment here


Notes: PromaxBDA (Broadcast Designers Association) is an international associate for entertainment marketers, promoters and designers.

The awards are judged by a panel of promotion and marketing professionals using three measures: overall creativity, production quality and results in achieving marketing objectives.


Introducing WIREWAX

WIREWAX is the world’s most powerful interactive video tool with unique award-winning artificial intelligence that automatically makes people, product and scenes clickable and touchable.

WIREWAX connects everything on the web to anything in the video – meaning a brand’s digital assets and platforms – Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook feeds as well as e-commerce can be brought into the video.

And the great thing is that the interactivity travels with the video – and plays out across any modern browser and any modern device  providing brands with an always on connected content platform.

Distribution of a WIREWAX interactive video is possible through Ad Placement, Advertorial, Social, Vimeo, owned/operated channels as well as a Custom View page created to a brand’s specifications.

Anything that happens on a WIREWAX video is measurable

Citizen is WIREWAX’s technology partner in New Zealand and Australia.

Experience the magic of WIREWAX here.

Shortland Street creating a Living Moment

TVNZ’s Shortland Street Hiatus campaign partnering with Citizen and using WIREWAX technology is an industry first for New Zealand and Australia, and it’s the perfect example of all the elements aligning – great content, amazing technology and a super engaged audience.

Shortland Street’s annual Summer Hiatus campaign is tasked with keeping viewers engaged over the six week summer break and ready for more great Shortland Street drama when the show returns each year in mid January.  That’s a tough ask with viewers distracted by the pleasures of New Zealand’s summer!

Feels like a cliff-hanger – check it all out here.

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