April 2, 2016 Annette

Shortland Street creating a Living Moment

TVNZ’s Shortland Street Hiatus campaign partnering with Citizen and using WIREWAX technology is an industry first for New Zealand and Australia, and it’s the perfect example of all the elements aligning – great content, amazing technology and a super engaged audience.

Shortland Street’s annual Summer Hiatus campaign is tasked with keeping viewers engaged over the six week summer break and ready for more great Shortland Street drama when the show returns each year in mid January.  That’s a tough ask with viewers distracted by the pleasures of New Zealand’s summer!

Feels like a cliff-hanger – check it all out here.

By using WIREWAX technology TVNZ was able to create “hot spots” throughout Shortland Street’s 2015 cliff-hanger trailer.  When viewers clicked on the these hot spots they were taken to another video which provided them with clues, or played out possible scenarios that may or may not have helped them solve the cliff-hanger mystery.  Each week a new piece of content, accessible with a password distributed via social media, was released keeping fans guessing and the campaign live across the 6 week break.

The results were impressive with Sarah Finnie, GM Marketing, TVNZ commenting:

“We are delighted with the results of the Shortland Street Summer Hiatus campaign which was our   first time leveraging WIREWAX interactive video.  The campaign saw over 200,000 unique views and allowed us to reward our loyal fans with opportunities to interact and dive deeper into the cliff-hanger story line.  We look forward to our next campaign and expanding our story telling capabilities with WIREWAX.”  

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