Australians ready for Amazon to launch…

Nielsen research and news reportage highlights just how ready Australian shoppers are to embrace e-commerce giant Amazon when it launches in Australia in September of this year.

The impact on the retail scene in Australia and New Zealand will be multi-faceted however there is nothing as constant as change. Online shopping is relatively small in this market, but continues to grow from strength to strength. The arrival of Amazon will undoubtedly force retailers to embrace the online channel further delivering the shopper with more choice and convenience and better experience as the dividing line between bricks and mortar and online blurs even further.

As a specialist in shoppable content Citizen is seeing a marked increased in Australian retailers looking to the opportunity of connecting the point of inspiration directly to e-commerce via shoppable video not only in preparation for Amazon’s arrival but as a way of delivering their customers a more engaging and connected experience.

This info-graphic from Nielsen shows the products Australians are most likely to buy from Amazon’s Australia site and highlights the high awareness of Amazon and the appeal to normally hard to reach male consumers.

australian shoppers

Who said retirement had to be boring?

Certainly not Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell and the team at the Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC).

The CFFC has enlisted the help of 60’s icons Ken & Barbie and ‘friends’ to talk retirement and highlight the findings of the CFFC’s review of New Zealand’s retirement policies through an interactive dream house.

There is a lot to discover in the Toys Talk Retirement interactive video.  Citizen’s favourite topic is ‘Who Pays for What’… yes you know that familiar feeling when the bill arrives and everyone has already left, in particular those baby boomers?!  View Toys Talk Retirement embedded on the CFFC’s site here.




Nice trophy cabinet…

Citizen’s interactive technology partner WIREWAX has had another great year on the awards circuit scooping up numerous accolades as its users and partners continue to create some of the industry’s most creative interactive videos across the globe.

WIREWAX has its second gold award from the PromaxIBDA Awards in as many years, this time for our collective work on the interactive Shortland Street trailer for TVNZ. The Cynopsis Model D Digital Awards giving WIREWAX the top prize for Best Video Technology Platform beating technology powerhouses Adobe and Kaltura. And arguably the most prestigious of them all, winning a BAFTA for Best Interactive Original for WIREWAX’s work with Zodiak on the BBC’s interactive series, Secret Life of Boys.

A customer experience for life…

As a customer of Miele, from 5 years ago, I have qualified to be a Miele Customer For Life.

In other words Miele is now communicating with me regularly and on an ongoing basis as part of its CRM programme by the same name.

The Customer For Life programme has been enabled by the opening of the Miele Centre, the home of all things Miele, in Auckland’s College Road and what a phenomenal offering it is.

Gently but meticulously Miele is coaxing me through the path to purchasing one, if not many, of its products with a series of continuous giving offers including gifts from Miele ambassadors fashion designer Collette Dinnigan and chef Shannon Bennett as well as exclusive Customer For Life price incentives and offers.

Yesterday morning, I visited the Miele Centre and it well and truly delivered on its brand promise with a flat white made just for me using one of Miele’s coffee machines and the offer of freshly baked baguette or a melting moment with my coffee, baked in a Miele oven of course!

As I sip my coffee I’m taken through the Miele range, discuss the different functionality and offers.  As I’m interested in a Miele oven I’m then invited to a Miele Experience cooking demonstration to fully experience what’s on offer and so that I feel comfortable with my purchase decision.

In my opinion this customer experience and care from Miele equals if not surpasses the incredibly high benchmark set by Nespresso.

As a result, I’m now thinking, talking and writing about Miele!




KaiCycle putting the cycle into food recycling


Citizen loves KaiCycle – a Wellington based social enterprise that addresses the lack of organic waste recycling options for Wellington residents and businesses.

Sign up with KaiCycle and they will collect your food waste and scraps from your door on their Electric Bike with Custom built trailer!

KaiCycle then compost the waste at the WorkerBe urban not-for-profit farm where they grow fruit and vegetables that are then donated to charity or sold to local Wellington businesses.  The farm is currently growing half a tonne of produce and hopes to expand their output to one and a half tonnes.

Such a simple but brilliant idea, especially when organic waste makes up approximately 30% of curbside waste.

Listen to a recent Radio New Zealand feature on KaiCycle or visit KaiCycle’s Facebook page.

TVNZ & Rio 2016 Paralympics get INTERACTIVE

TVNZ Blacksand and partners ACC SportSmart, NZOA and production partner Attitude Live have created a trailer, made interactive with the addition of WIREWAX, to promote coverage of the Rio 2016 Paralympics.  Viewers can find out more about the athlete’s road to the Rio 2016 Paralympics, find out more about the Paralympic schedule and where to tune in to watch.

The Rio 2016 Paralympics run until 19 September.  Watch the interactive trailer in all its glory here.

Alumni success key at Manukau Institute of Technology

Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) is loved by its Alumni, with research indicating incredibly strong net promoter scores for quality and value and a high probability of referral to family and friends.  MIT is committed to the success and ongoing education of its Alumni with the concept of education for life.

To test the research and responsiveness of this engaged base a simple campaign focused on the fact that “the better educated you are the more you will earn” was developed.  A tightly measured mix of DM / EDM enticed Alumni to get in touch and consider studying at MIT again.  A simple landing page featuring Alumni stories was created and Alumni were drawn to the page with a chance to win a Microsoft Surface – the perfect device to keep you connected.

Response to the communication was extremely positive with Alumni opting-in and enrolling in a range of courses from Diplomas to Degree to Graduate Diplomas.

As well as delivering a very strong ROI,  MIT was also able to find out more about its Alumni, their careers and future aspirations.

Citizen loves working with MIT – a place where everyone is welcome and education is for all.

Content is King but is video the King of content?

Video Content is King

Content is ‘King’ but is video the ‘King’ of content?  Here at Citizen we agree video is the most engaging form of content and it’s logical that the more engaged an audience the more likely they are to take action.  For something to be engaging it needs to be relevant and offer its viewers something of value – information, advice or knowledge.

And of course to be able to do all of that it needs to be seen, so the distribution strategy is vitally important.  After all what’s the point of those beautiful, innovative, cutting edge videos that speak volumes abut your brand never seeing the light of day, languishing in the darkest depths of YouTube with a total of 57 views?!

Recent research from the US tells us that video certainly is King.  Here are some very ‘royal’ statistics that prove a video led content strategy is an incredibly powerful tool.

 Including video in an email leads to 200-300% increase in click through.  Combining video with full page ads boosts engagement by 22%. And after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.  Plus 50% of executives look for more information after seeing a product or service featured in a video.



Shortland Street The Living Moment Campaign wins GOLD with WIREWAX

Congratulations to Citizen’s client TVNZ Blacksand on winning three golds at the prestigious PromaxBDA NZ 2016 Awards for its ‘Shortland Street – The Living Moment’ campaign taking out Best Campaign, Best Entertainment Promo and Best Integrated Marketing Campaign.

All from a one minute promo that, with the addition of WIREWAX interactive technology, meant viewers could lean forward and delve deeper into the minds of their favourite Shortland Street characters, unlock exclusive additional content and actively engage with the story while the show took a broadcast season break over the 2015/2016 summer holiday period.

Goals included – drive more tune-in from online video; increase audience share of Finale Episode; increase time spent with content and keep viewers engaged over the holiday break and the results speak for themselves…

Over 62.7% of Shortland Street viewers interacted with the experience

More than 3.25 interactions for every engaged view

Over 2 minutes spent on average with additional video content in overlay and

A 3.6% increase in audience share for Shortland Street from this campaign

The Living Moment has also been nominated for Gold at the PromaxBDA Global awards held in New York in late June.

Talk to Citizen about getting involved with WIREWAX.

And engage with The Living Moment here


Notes: PromaxBDA (Broadcast Designers Association) is an international associate for entertainment marketers, promoters and designers.

The awards are judged by a panel of promotion and marketing professionals using three measures: overall creativity, production quality and results in achieving marketing objectives.


Closing the loop


Content and content marketing – it’s the new buzz but what is it exactly?  At Citizen we approach content marketing as creating, curating and distributing valuable content to a very specific audience.

The key idea here is that there is an exchange of something of value, differing to pure advertising which often interrupts and is from a brand’s perspective not that of the consumer or customer.

With this customer centric approach – giving someone something that they value or enjoy we believe that they become switched on not off, they become engaged, interested and act positively.

And when you think about value that’s different for so many people and different groups of people, which is why the specificity is so important.

We’ve developed an offering where almost anything can happen in your content – engage, shop,  share, dive deeper, sign up, feedback and even better still we can measure and report back on exactly what happened.

It’s all about closing the loop and staying connected.