Australians ready for Amazon to launch…

Nielsen research and news reportage highlights just how ready Australian shoppers are to embrace e-commerce giant Amazon when it launches in Australia in September of this year.

The impact on the retail scene in Australia and New Zealand will be multi-faceted however there is nothing as constant as change. Online shopping is relatively small in this market, but continues to grow from strength to strength. The arrival of Amazon will undoubtedly force retailers to embrace the online channel further delivering the shopper with more choice and convenience and better experience as the dividing line between bricks and mortar and online blurs even further.

As a specialist in shoppable content Citizen is seeing a marked increased in Australian retailers looking to the opportunity of connecting the point of inspiration directly to e-commerce via shoppable video not only in preparation for Amazon’s arrival but as a way of delivering their customers a more engaging and connected experience.

This info-graphic from Nielsen shows the products Australians are most likely to buy from Amazon’s Australia site and highlights the high awareness of Amazon and the appeal to normally hard to reach male consumers.

australian shoppers