A customer experience for life…

As a customer of Miele, from 5 years ago, I have qualified to be a Miele Customer For Life.

In other words Miele is now communicating with me regularly and on an ongoing basis as part of its CRM programme by the same name.

The Customer For Life programme has been enabled by the opening of the Miele Centre, the home of all things Miele, in Auckland’s College Road and what a phenomenal offering it is.

Gently but meticulously Miele is coaxing me through the path to purchasing one, if not many, of its products with a series of continuous giving offers including gifts from Miele ambassadors fashion designer Collette Dinnigan and chef Shannon Bennett as well as exclusive Customer For Life price incentives and offers.

Yesterday morning, I visited the Miele Centre and it well and truly delivered on its brand promise with a flat white made just for me using one of Miele’s coffee machines and the offer of freshly baked baguette or a melting moment with my coffee, baked in a Miele oven of course!

As I sip my coffee I’m taken through the Miele range, discuss the different functionality and offers.  As I’m interested in a Miele oven I’m then invited to a Miele Experience cooking demonstration to fully experience what’s on offer and so that I feel comfortable with my purchase decision.

In my opinion this customer experience and care from Miele equals if not surpasses the incredibly high benchmark set by Nespresso.

As a result, I’m now thinking, talking and writing about Miele!




KaiCycle putting the cycle into food recycling


Citizen loves KaiCycle – a Wellington based social enterprise that addresses the lack of organic waste recycling options for Wellington residents and businesses.

Sign up with KaiCycle and they will collect your food waste and scraps from your door on their Electric Bike with Custom built trailer!

KaiCycle then compost the waste at the WorkerBe urban not-for-profit farm where they grow fruit and vegetables that are then donated to charity or sold to local Wellington businesses.  The farm is currently growing half a tonne of produce and hopes to expand their output to one and a half tonnes.

Such a simple but brilliant idea, especially when organic waste makes up approximately 30% of curbside waste.

Listen to a recent Radio New Zealand feature on KaiCycle or visit KaiCycle’s Facebook page.