Wilde & Fresh

Citizen recently pitched for the brand development work for a new gourmet meat company, operating online and delivering initially to homes in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Relationships with suppliers in Australia and New Zealand, an unwavering commitment to quality, product knowledge and impeccable service are key foundations of the brand.

Citizen won the pitch with a brand proposition that focused on  integrity and provenance and thanks to our design partner, Smith & Peach, concepts that ooze those qualities.

Grammar police – introvert or extrovert?

Do grammatical errors drive you crazy?  What about typos?  A new study shows that your reaction to these easily made mistakes is directly linked to your personality type.

According to the survey, Introverts are more likely to judge a person negatively on the basis of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.  And people who are sensitive to grammatical errors are also more likely to be less agreeable by nature!

Extroverted people, though, are more likely to ignore written errors.

How we perceive a simple typo vs. a grammatical error is also interesting – the full survey can be found here.